Rain is hard to photograph, but it’s there.

I remain cautiously optimistic about my Achilles. Heel lifts and more intensive exercises seem to be helping. I’ve also been modifying my walking gait and consciously step on the ball of my left foot, right behind my big toe. This is how you’re supposed to walk, I just don’t do it on my left foot. Probably because of the giant bunion on that foot. Don’t worry, I won’t post a photo of it. 😉

This weekend, I probably did my least amount of elevation gain ever- 226 feet of elevation gain. I cross-country skied in the rain with some friends. We went to Crystal Springs sno park, which I had never been to before, probably because it’s very flat. There was one section of rolling hills, where I did feel my Achilles a bit, but not a ton of pain.

It rained so hard that there was water running down the inside of my leg. It felt kind of like I had peed myself, but very cold pee. I had debated bringing rain paints, but decided not to because I thought I’d get to hot and softshell pants would be fine in snow, right? Sure, if it snowed. It was supposed to snow 6-8 inches. But it wasn’t cold enough, so it just rained. 😢 I hate climate change.

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