So, my Achilles still hurts. I hiked to Annette Lake yesterday with a couple of old friends. According to WTA, it’s 1800 feet of elevation gain, but the readout on my GPS watch says 1,982 feet. Whatever it was, it was too many.

Maybe I’ll just drive around and look at waterfalls. This one is pretty.

I don’t remember any point in particular at which my Achilles started to hurt, but over time a nagging pain developed. This wasn’t really unexpected. I probably shouldn’t have gone, but I was meeting two friends I hadn’t seen in two years and didn’t want to not see them.

I’m even supposed to start a mountaineering training program tomorrow (lol!). Looks like it’s going to be more of a biking program than a mountaineering program.  At the same time, I’m wondering if I just screwed up my PRP recovery so much that it’s a lost cause and I should just plan for another procedure next fall. Good questions for a doctor. I’ll let y’all know what he says.

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  1. Rachel, I know this must be incredibly challenging and frustrating for you to be going through. Injuries suck.
    Aging sucks. Best of luck w the Dr visit.

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