To recap, I’m now about 15 weeks post-PRP. My Achilles was doing great until I went skiing two many times a few days after Christmas.

Bonus waterfall!

I’m doing OK. My Achilles doesn’t hurt all the time, but it still hurts when I go up steep stuff. This weekend, I hiked with some friends who know Tiger Mountain really well. They suggested a flat-ish hike that got off the beaten path and had not one, but two waterfalls! And a giant tree. We joked that they should open a “Tiger Mountain Tour company.” You tell them what you’re looking for in a hike, and they deliver!

I felt some irony in talking to my friends about mountaineering and then having to stop and walk slowly up a steep section, using poles. It’s hard to believe that a month ago I was letting my dog set a fast pace up to Dirty Harry’s balcony. It’s hard to believe that one “easy” ski touring day could do this much damage.

My physical therapist was accompanied by a student intern this morning, which meant I learned some things too.  The PT showed the intern how to do some tests and wow, we learned that my right (uninjured) leg is shorter than the one with the (left) injured Achilles. Also, when she explained what exercises I was doing, I learned that actually, I wasn’t doing one of them right. So, useful information.

I’ll see how this week goes, and hopefully get to hike again next weekend.

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